Guyed Flare Stacks

Guyed Flare Stacks are often supported by guy strand or guy rope. The features of these Guyed Flare Stack applications require simulated load conditions and SPS has all the equipment necessary to manufacture guy cables at pre-tensions loads after thoroughly pre-stressing to cable length requirements is achieved on our 850,000 lb test bed.

We supply Guyed Flare Stacks for the following industries  Petrochemical, Refining, Plastics, Mining, and many more.
We stock galvanized strand and rope for these Guyed Flare Stack applications. In addition, since we are specialists, our turnaround time for completed projects is the best in the industry. We carry a complete line of end fittings, turnbuckles and auxiliary rigging hardware for these applications. Our packaging is all to ISPM-15 International Fumigation requirements and is export ready to sites around the world.

We are located near the ports of Houston/Galveston, Texas and can arrange cost effective shipment for your Guyed Flare Stack projects anywhere in the world.


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