Shovel/Drag Line/ Boom Pendants

SPS has extensive experience serving the needs of the mining industry. Whether it is dump ropes for a dragline, trip ropes for a shovel; strand or rope pendants for both shovels and draglines or operating ropes for both shovels and draglines, SPS can deliver the right product.

We stock hoist, dragline, shovel ropes and completed pendants for the open pit mining industry. SPS has successfully supplied complete ropes and in-house manufactured pendants to draglines and shovels around the world and are able to meet your particular needs.  We are optimally located near the Port of Houston for both USA domestic and worldwide mining operations.

Whether your location is Wyoming, Arizona, Fort McMurray, Inner Mongolia, Indonesia, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Brazil or any other mining location, we have the resources to immediately respond to your requirements.

Shovel/Drag line

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