Tension Membrane Structure

Since 1996, SPS and its principal's have been involved in dozens of projects.

SPS Projects Include:

SPS adheres to international and USA standards for the selection of components and the fabrication of cables assemblies used in these type of projects. We carry large inventories ranging from 3/8" thru 4" strand, bridge rope, stainless ropes, full and related end fittings.

To insure an exacting field fit up as designed, SPS measures under simulated design load and proof-loads every cable we manufacture. We make sure that all the ancillary components fit, before we ship, reducing expensive field modifcations and delays. Computerized testing equipment captures all actual assembly testing results. These reports are available when requested prior to product manufacture.

SPS fabricates Spiral strand, bridge rope, lock coil strand assemblies with appropriate end fittings to your expectations. We complete one strand at a time, one project at a time for one customer at a time, giving our full focus to your project requirements.

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