Galvanized Rope - John Day Dam

The skill levels required to be selected for the complete re-cabling of a Major Lift Gate Dam are second to none in the wire rope industry. SPS was selected along with Cascade Rigging of Portland, Oregon to complete this project during 2006.

The pre-stressing and strength testing facilities at SPS had to undergo significant upgrades to complete this project to the demanding specification of The US Army Corp of Engineers.

The work was completed on schedule, involving dozens of 2 1/4" Galvanized Rope Assemblies each over 200 feet long. They were individually pre-stressed in one continuous length, and subsequently terminated with open spelter socket and adjustable galvanized bridge sockets with a length tolerance of plus or
minus .01%.

These ropes were all successfully installed in the spring of 2007 on the
John Day Dam.

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